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Priyanka Gupta possesses extensive experience across various facets of product and operations. During her five-year tenure at JP Morgan, she delved into development, risk strategy and analytics, and project management. She gained valuable insights into how a large institution like JP Morgan utilizes technology and data efficiently. She holds a bachelor’s degree in mathematics from Kirori Mal College, Delhi University and her MBA from IMI. Before joining JP Morgan, Priyanka worked in IT Consulting, working with various global clients.

Abhinav Unnam, a graduate of IIT Roorkee with a dual degree in Electrical Engineering (B.Tech & M.Tech), has a passion for data. His journey began as the first intern at Analytics Vidhya when it operated as a single-room entity. His involvement in a Cricket Analytics startup in 2018 served as the foundation for his project. Abhinav’s recent stint with Zepto(10 mins grocery) focused on leveraging data to address critical challenges related to ETA predictions, dynamic pricing, and demand forecasting, giving the business a competitive edge.

Startup Analytics emphasizes the importance of curiosity and the role of data in driving innovation. It discusses the misuse, underutilization, misconfiguration, and complex data setup in large organizations. The future belongs to fast-moving organizations that correctly navigate their direction by leveraging the correct data. We seek to explore, dissect, and comprehend new-age analytics in various forms, including products, tools, techniques, systems, and case studies. The ultimate aim is to contribute to the improvement of products, companies, and talent within the ecosystem.

Our more mathy, machine learning, risk(finance) and tech-oriented take is at statarb.in. For more information about us, email admin@startupanalytics.in or find alternatives here.