About Me

I passed out of IIT Roorkee in 2016 with a dual degree(B.Tech & M.Tech) in Electrical Engineering but a heart and mind for Data. I have been dabbling about it for quite a while since 2014, since being the first intern @Analytics Vidhya when it was a single room entity.

  • Microsoft SMSG: Xbox gaming and marketing. Tried to push data as a tool for decision making, got shut. They hire data scientists within the business unit now 🙂
  • ZS (Data Science Associate): Survival analysis and lots of communication. Learned the importance of to the point, succinct arguments. Loved the experience !
  • Cricket Analytics Startup: Lots of learnings and the basis for the blog. Brief but very intense and learning across the board. Pretty much the setup for writing this blog.

I am a curious person by nature and realised, analytics has mostly has been

  • Misused
  • Underused
  • Misconfigured
  • Complicately Setup

in large sets of organizations. The future belongs to fast-moving organisations that get their direction right by leveraging the right data in a simple fashion.

This blog is an attempt to discover, read up on teardowns and understand new-age analytics. In form of products, tools, techniques, systems and case studies. Let’s better products, companies and cultures. Drop an email at admin@startupanalytics.in or use the contact form below.

My more mathy, machine learning, risk(finance) and tech-oriented blog is statarb.in

Used to be an Arsenal fan but they kinda suck now.